By Gina Calvert

Why Does Every Sermon Start with a Picture?

And What’s That Got to Do with Online Giving?

Your givers’ attention spans were shaped by singing, dancing letters and numbers.

Long before Sesame Street, Jesus understood that we learn best and connect more deeply through stories and imagery. He wasn’t the first influencer to use word pictures to connect his audience to deeper truths–and he certainly won’t be the last.

Today, the communication trend has been visually ramped up in every sector with astounding quantities of photography, animation, and video. Your givers are participants in more than one billion hours spent watching YouTube every day.

How can churches leverage this trend for the financial support of the kingdom?

When it comes to growing stewardship and participation in ministry opportunities, most churches miss a fundamental opportunity to use a tool they already have in place to:

  • Calm giving anxiety (most givers are concerned about finances)
  • Tap into givers’ deep need to make an impact in the world
  • Visually demonstrate the impact of their gifts
  • Inspire givers to get involved in more ways than just financially
  • Satisfy givers’ need to have options

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