By Gina Calvert

Free Giving Experience Audit

Don’t let the word audit deter you. Rest assured that for this audit, there’s no prep required and you won’t be facing a big tax bill at the end of it.

Instead, you’ll receive a gift. You’ll have answers to nagging questions, such as Why aren’t more givers using our online giving? And you’ll be equipped with the knowledge of what you can do about it.

Why the Quality of the Giving Experience Matters

The giving experience consists of at least 60 factors that determine a giver’s willingness to complete their gift or return to give again. It’s not enough to just slap a ‘give’ button on your website and call it a day.

Don’t believe it? An astounding 83% of givers do not complete gifts they have started on charitable websites. 83%! Givers have the intention to give but the experience somehow squelches that generous impulse.

What You’ll Gain From This Audit

Solid and specific research is now available on the giving and checkout experience for churches. For example, we know that guest checkout options yield a 10-30% increase in giving and that 19% of people can’t remember their password but will give anyway if guest checkout is prominently available.

We know that there’s a sweet spot for the number of fields effective giving forms have. 35% will abandon their gift if you ask for their birthday, 15% will drop off if you ask for their phone number, and 11% are done if you ask for their gender. These numbers add up!

These are just a few of the innocent-looking and easily repaired factors that impact giving … and that we’re prepared to share with you.

What We’ve Learned About Church Gift Abandonment

This is how it works: We’ll make a donation to your church and capture areas of concern with screenshots for our report. Your FREE audit will reveal the factors that bring gifts to a grinding halt, plus specific recommendations for resolving each giving barrier.

You have nothing to lose other than the donations you’re already missing out on.

Click here to schedule your free giving experience audit today!