Effortless Back Office

Vision2 is a comprehensive giving solution that provides web, text, and mobile giving by donors, plus effortless scanning of checks, envelopes, and more, for single or multi-campus churches.

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Vision2 establishes trust with church finance and leadership teams with Level 1 PCI compliance, seamless integration to church management and accounting systems, plus giving analytics and insights.

Comprehensive Giving Management

Vision2 manages all of your giving in a secure and easy-to-use system. Capture, process, record and report on giving from donors regardless of where gifts originated – online, text, mobile, mail, phone, envelopes, checks, cash, in-kind, and more.

Check Scanning

Unparalleled check scanning speed and accuracy, allowing you to repurpose staff/volunteers. Vision2 connects directly with the bank so set-up time is fast and there are no velocity limits. Easily correct batches, detect splits and auto-assign gifts, and there’s no need to add new people to batch.

Scan Anything and Everything

Scan and deposit money orders, traveler’s checks, personal checks, and business checks – all paper currency is accepted.

Envelope Image Capture

Envelope images are uploaded into the contribution management platform to record donor intentions.

Multi-Site / Campus

Record and report all revenue from your church giving campaigns at the campus level. Automatically assign the donor to a campus based on their online giving location.

Returns, Refunds, NSF, Chargebacks

Automated return processing and journal entry adjusting simplifies the reconciliation process for your finance team.

Time and Staff Savings

Unparalleled speed and accuracy of the back office saves so much time that you can repurpose existing staff and volunteers for other opportunities.

Address Verification

Full USPS and international address verification ensure you have accurate data on your profiles.

Anonymous Cash Gifts

Our security features safeguard your anonymous cash entries.

True Revenue Accounting

Real revenue accounting means everything is perfectly synchronized. You’ll love not having to reconcile specific transactions against net proceeds.

Full Bank Reconciliation

Our full bank reconciliation accurately tracks your debits and credits, making reconciliation to the penny every day a breeze.

Vision2 is the Merchant Processor

Vision2 is the only giving platform that also serves as the merchant processor. This allows us to provide real-time information to the church, removes delay of ACH funding (from 10-12 days to only 2-3 days), eliminate manual entry of NSF, and display actual messages from the bank.

Audit Trail

Payments are never deleted. Journal entries are created each time a payment is edited and ledger file updates ensure your general ledger is accurate.

No Velocity Limits

Vision2 imposes no single or aggegate gift amount limits for any period of time.



Church Management Systems

Vision2 integrates with your existing church management systems, with real-time, fully bi-directional synchronization with Fellowship One, MinistryPlatform, PlanningCenter, and the Rock CMS.

Accounting Systems

Vision2 syncs with Intacct, Quickbooks, Xero and any number of other accounting systems.

Real-time Bi-Directional Sync

Real-time data synchronization with your church management and accounting platforms ensures your systems are never out of date.


Running automated profile de-duplication keeps time spent merging duplicates to a minimum.


Need more than our out-of-the-box integrations? We’ve got you covered with an easily consumable standards-based, event-driven API to solve your unique integration needs.

Analytics & Reporting

Visualize Your Data

We provide a host of analytics that will provide you up-to-the-minute insights on your giving data.

Track Patterns

Get to know who your givers are by tracking new, lapsed, and top giving patterns. Using advanced reporting tools, you can analyze how your giving has changed year-to-year.

Flexible Search

Search all transactions with flexible, embedded capabilities.


PCI-Compliant Processor

Vision2 is a certified Level 1, PCI-DSS payment processor. Your finance team and donors can trust us with sensitive payment information.