Frictionless Giving Solutions

Vision2 increases donations to the church by providing a seamless and frictionless connection with your congregation that eliminates the most common obstacles to online giving.

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online giving

Vision2 eliminates the most common obstacles with features that ... Build trust by keeping givers on your website; Visually connects givers to the impact of their gifts; Offers guest checkout; Personalizes the giving experience; Simplifies form completion … and more.

Gifts Completed on Church Website

With Vision2’s patented technology, online giving forms are placed directly within your church website so givers stay on your site, with your messaging and branding, to complete their gift. Sending potential givers away from your website to a third-party website can scare potential givers away.

See the Gift's Impact

Vision2 allows you to include images and robust descriptions for every giving opportunity so potential givers can truly understand the IMPACT their gifts will make. You will see at least a 20% increase in donations when you visually demonstrate how givers’ hard-earned dollars are being used in ministry.

Account Not Required

New givers may be moved to contribute to a ministry opportunity but not ready to create an account. Vision2 supports the processing and recording of the gift without an account and will automatically match the gift(s) to the correct person, should they choose to create an account in the future.

No Limit to Gift Amount

You would never turn away a large donation, would you? No gift is too large for Vision2 to handle on your behalf.

No Vendor Logos or Legalese

Vision2 operates invisibly to your givers. Your potential givers will ONLY see your church branding and messaging. They will NEVER see the Vision2 logo, branding, or legal language on your website or giving forms.

Search & Browse Giving Opportunities

Vision2 supports the ability for potential givers to search and browse your various giving opportunities right on your church website. Each opportunity can include images and descriptions that educate and motivate them to give.

Personalize Every Message

Vision2 allows you to you personalize every email and thank you message with the giver’s name and prior giving details. Plus, you can include photos, videos and custom content thanking them for their generosity and, optionally, offering them additional ways to give, volunteer or stay informed.

Your church online giving platform makes it easy for members to set and adjust their recurring giving preferences.

Flexible Giving Schedules

Flexible scheduling options allow your givers to choose when they would like to give. Choose between open-ended or end-date specified giving options.

One Gift, Many Funds

Give to one or many ministry opportunities with a single gift (payment) or schedule.

All Gifts Accepted

Your givers can choose to use their bank account (ACH), credit or debit cards when making a donation or setting up their giving schedule.

Automatic Reminders

Vision2 provides automatic reminders for returned payments, expiring recurring gifts, expiring credit cards, and payment methods that are no longer valid. In addition, Vision2 provides a schedule so the church may proactively reach out to anyone who has a gift in a status that is either closed by a donor or has an invalid payment method.

Multi-site / Multi-campus

Record and report all revenue from your church giving campaigns at the campus level. Automatically assign the donor to a campus based on their online giving location and never have to ask them again.

Pre-populated Giving Forms

Present the giving forms with a choice of pre-determined schedules and/or gift amounts which is known to increase gift size. The values can be based on a campaign, or even the user’s giving history.

Pledge / Campaign Goals

Vision2 allows each member to view and track their progress against a pledge and/or campaign goal, which encourages timely and generous giving.

Optional Donor Pays Fees

Vision2 allows your church to pass the small transaction fees associated with online giving to donors, should you choose to do so.

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Mobile and Text-to-Give

Robust next-gen mobile giving that is flexible, efficient, and engaging. Plus a true native text giving solution, not a text-to-website solution that others offer.


Give2, our progressive web app, eliminates the usual hassles associated with native apps. Provide your members with a more streamlined mobile experience that blends the best of web technology with the look and feel of a native mobile app.


Vision2’s Text-to-Give is a pure SMS texting solution with the exact same capabilities as our web-based and mobile giving options. This includes multi-site/campus and pledge campaigns, all in a simple, conversational-style text exchange that features your church’s branding at the top of screen and addresses your giver by name.

Member Self Service

Vision2 empowers your givers with a robust self-service portal where they can manage their giving schedules, track progress against goals, and print tax statements.

Using your church online giving platform's congregation self-serve portal, your members can update their recurring gift preferences.

Self Service on Church Website

Your givers can optionally create an account profile right on your church website, where they can manage their contact information, enter one or more payment methods, view giving history, and much more.

Comprehensive View of Gifts

Vision2 provides a comprehensive household view of history that includes all giving regardless of sources (online and offline), whether it was captured in your church management system or within Vision2. Your members don’t differentiate about how and where they give, why should your online giving provider?

Giving Goals

Members can view and track progress against their defined giving goals.

Tax statements

Members can login at any time to download and print their tax statements.

Bi-directional Sync to ChMS

Member profiles and giving history are fully synced, in both directions and in real-time, between Vision2 and your church management system (Fellowship One, MinistryPlatform, PlanningCenter, Rock)

Mission Trips

Mission Trips

Leveraging Vision2’s mission trip functionality enables your members to support your mission trips without having to be redirected to a third-party site. Access to mission trips is supported offline too, allowing you to leverage check scanning and batch entry functions to assign gifts to specific participants without having to enter the data twice in two systems.

Customize per Individual

Donate to a specific mission trip by person. Each link is unique and provides visibility into individual fundraising goals and progress.

Go Method Integration

In response to our church partners’ requests for more robust mission trip management functionality, we partnered with Go Method to integrate market-leading trip management of all your missions with Vision2’s comprehensive giving platform, providing a seamless user experience.

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Giving Forms

Event Forms

Vision2 understands that sometimes you have other transactions than online giving. Vision2 allows you to accept, process and manage non-gift payments on the web.


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“Engage more effectively...”

Vision2 is at the center of our generosity program, both for our donors and our back-office staff. It has allowed us to communicate and engage more effectively with our donors, while at the same time taking the burden of contributions management off our finance team.

Tammy Bunting, Former CFO
Concord Church, Dallas, Texas