Vision2 serves your...

Vision2 is a comprehensive giving solution for effective stewardship that helps churches
connect with their congregation in the same engaging way they would in person.


While most giving platforms primarily collect financial gifts, Vision2 is so much more. We are the only comprehensive giving and stewardship solution. We are your partner.

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True Giving and Church Management Integration

“All-in-one” solutions are great in theory, but they can fall short of the promise. With Vision2, you have bidirectional integration in real time.  That means member profiles and giving history are always up-to-date and your givers have a consistent and complete experience with the church.

“Engage more effectively...”

Vision2 is at the center of our generosity program, both for our donors and our back-office staff. It has allowed us to communicate and engage more effectively with our donors, while at the same time taking the burden of contributions management off our finance team.

Tammy Bunting, Former CFO
Concord Church, Dallas, Texas