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Vision2 is a comprehensive giving solution for effective stewardship that helps churches
connect with their congregation in the same engaging way they would in person.

11 Commandments of Online Giving

For too long, churches have endured frustrating, expensive relationships with third-party vendors … and have unwittingly subjected their givers to troubling experiences that hinder online giving.

We don’t claim these 11 commandments were carved into stone. But just as the original 10 commandments provided a framework for relating to God and others, these principles govern how online giving vendors should serve givers and churches.

A Ministry-First Approach to Generosity

26 Tactics for Using Giving Data to Better Serve Your Members

Wondering how to ethically make the most of your giver’s historical data? By far, the most overlooked aspect of giving data is that it can reveal remarkably accurate cues to your givers’ well-being and the challenges in their lives.

Download our free guide for practical tactics for ministering according to giving patterns.

“Engage more effectively...”

Vision2 is at the center of our generosity program, both for our donors and our back-office staff. It has allowed us to communicate and engage more effectively with our donors, while at the same time taking the burden of contributions management off our finance team.

Tammy Bunting, Former CFO
Concord Church, Dallas, Texas