By Gina Calvert

Just Say No to Artificial Giving Limits in 2021

Maybe you’re not ready to hear about giving limits. After all, 2020 had more than its share of limitations, didn’t it? We’re all hoping 2021 is different!

While we pray for a return to normal, the pandemic has shown each of us the simple freedoms we took for granted. Like shaking hands. Attending a football game. Even using cash. At times, these limits may have seemed artificial, which makes them even harder to bear.

If you’re on overload from being told NO this year, maybe it’s time to think about the artificial ways that you may be telling your givers NO. Or the ways your third-party vendors are telling your church NO that you may not be aware of.

Business as Usual: Giving With Limits

Giving with limits – the phrase itself sounds like a contradiction in terms, doesn’t it? Why would you ever want to limit an act of generosity?

And while you may find almost every online giving vendor has a list of things they say they DON’T limit, there may be some important missing items and even sleight-of-hand at play.

In order to reduce financial risk, most vendors are required by their bank to limit gift amounts and the number of transactions that can be processed during a specific amount of time (called velocity limits), such as you might experience at a fundraising event or at year end.

It’s easy to find out if your current system has a gift amount limit. Just open up your giving form and try to give $100,000. A notification will pop up telling you what your system’s maximum gift amount is. Unfortunately, without knowledge of your system’s specific velocity limit, you might not discover that transaction limits have been reached until givers aren’t able to get through to give their gift.

Other Forms of Giving Limits

There are other indirect ways your gifts are limited. When you have to pay a large monthly fee or can’t get out of an expensive contract, or keep your data when your contract expires, or receive your gift funds within a day or two, you’ve been artificially limited. (See why this doesn’t necessarily apply to non-negotiable credit card transaction fees.)

You can also be limited by the amount of support you’ll have access to, the number of users allowed to access your system, or the amount of training your staff will receive.

Business Unusual: Giving Without Limits.

Vision2’s relationship with the bank allows us to remove artificial limits.

Our system was created to do away with all limits, including:

  • No contract
  • No monthly fees
  • No limit on support
  • No limit on # of users
  • No limit on transactions
  • No limit on the donation amount
  • No delays in receiving your money

Download our new resource Growing Pains: How to Get Unstuck and Unleash Generosity to see how one Executive Pastor accidentally discovered the limitations of his current platform that seemed to be working “just fine.”

Just think about it: Without artificial limits, there’ll be no limit to the impact your church can have this year.