By Gina Calvert

Consider the Source When Dealing with Credit Card Processors

The relationship between online giving platforms and credit card processors can be difficult for churches to decipher. That murky space allows for misinformation, hidden practices and some fine print that churches may come to regret.

When it comes to making sense of technical information, it’s important to take your mama’s advice when you were a kid and consider the source.

It may seem like everyone who has a product to sell falls into the same category and seems to be saying the same thing. So…

How Do You Know Who To Trust?

Because online giving platforms and credit card processors are linked, there are several easy litmus tests you can use for sorting out troubling behind-the-scenes structures:

  • Where does your online giving experience take your giver to complete their gifts?
  • What is your online giving vendor’s policy regarding who owns your data?
  • Does your online giving operate invisibly  or are your givers constantly bombarded with the vendor’s brand and forced to interact with the vendor instead of the church if they have a question?

Each of these tests tells you something about the trustworthiness and quality of the vendor, the payment processor or the online giving platform itself. [Read more]

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