By Gina Calvert

Imagine Getting a Jaw-Dropping Gift Online

Imagine one Thursday you pull a report to get an idea of where your budget stands for the month. You’ve already checked Sunday’s offering, so you know what to expect there. But to your surprise, you see an astounding total for the week, several times larger than it was when you checked on Monday.

You scan the gift amount column and quickly discover a jaw-dropping individual gift. It must be an error! You contact the unfamiliar giver. Turns out, she’s been viewing your online services since quarantining began and saw the online giving option promoted there. You welcome her, thank her for her generosity and ask if she accidentally typed in too many zeroes.

“It’s no mistake,” she says. She wants to bless the church that is such an encouragement to her online while she’s stuck at home.

You breathe a prayer of gratitude because the amount is more than enough to finalize your capital campaign drive for the worship center renovation you’ve been funding for two years. Hallelujah!

How This Scenario Would Really Go for Most Churches

Now imagine your generous giver in a different scenario:

She tunes in to hear your pastor deliver a stirring message. Her spirits are so lifted that she’s inspired to donate a large amount online even before the final song is over.

But wait! It won’t go through.

It’s too big!

Your online giving platform asks her to give a much smaller gift. It asks her, essentially, to be less generous.

She doesn’t know that this is your vendor’s limit. She thinks it’s yours. She’s perplexed. She had such a high opinion of your church, and this giving barrier doesn’t make sense.

“Oh well, I’ll send a check later,” she thinks as she gets busy with her family and the rest of her day.

But will she?

That’s an important question. Why? Because you may already have missed out on an untold number of gifts like this … without even knowing it.

Why This Would Never Happen with Vision2

Vision2 was built to make sure that scenario B never happens. Our unique platform allows you to accept gifts of any size, as well as any number of gifts transacted during a high volume period. We also eliminate the usual delay in receiving your funds, even for large gifts.

Why is it a good idea to imagine a generous surprise donation? Because it’s very important to imagine (and know) your givers’ experience with your online giving platform:

If they had a large gift in mind, would they be more likely to encounter Scenario A or B?

(Hint: To find out, type $100,000 into the amount field in your giving form to learn exactly how much it will allow you to accept from your givers.)

Free Giving Experience Audit

Did you know that 83% of the people who visit your website LEAVE without making a donation?

Our team will review your church’s online giving experience against 60 of the most common obstacles that get in the way of a giver’s generosity.

We will then send you a detailed set of recommendations that will help you to reach your true giving potential.

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