By Gina Calvert

Churches Can Spread Joy and the Gospel with Music During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Some of the more encouraging stories coming out of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic news cycle are literally music to our ears: A saxophone player named Alex Lebron played from his balcony for his neighbors quarantined in Barcelona, while an anonymous piano player nearby joined in. All over Italy, music is reverberating in the streets to cheer and connect those in mandatory quarantine.

Don’t Forget to Sing

As the novel coronavirus pandemic spreads in the US, churches are moving online to encourage and support their members and communities with the Word. But it’s harder to reproduce the power of corporate praise and worship online.

Most people have unlimited access to music, but is their music connecting them to one another?

At a time of rampant anxiety, churches can leverage technology and creativity to minister with the amazing power of music and worship to soothe, heal, connect, and uplift. When we sing together, we’re reminded that we are knit together in so many ways and that we’re not alone. For a time, we forget our pain and worry. And our joy can be contagious (no pun intended).

Ideas for Engaging Your Members & Community with Music:

  • Ask individuals on your worship team to post a solo on your Facebook page.
  • Have your worship leader plan daily Facebook Live worship periods. Accept song requests for the next session in the comments.
  • Have a youth minister host a live sing-a-long or kids’ minute daily. Parents are looking for active ways to keep their kids engaged and live-streamed sermons don’t usually include kids’ messaging.
  • Include a kid’s minute in your live-stream.
  • Broadcast instrumental classic hymns from your facilities for a short time at the same time each day.
  • Start your own version of the Broadway tunes hand-washing challenge, calling for videos of handwashing while singing a favorite gospel song.
  • Ask families to post or send videos of their worship times together or of their kids singing spiritual songs.
  • Encourage members to send Marco Polo videos or Facetime calls to each other, singing and playing their instruments, especially to elderly members.

Maximize the Impact for Your Church

Increase engagement and impact of your musical efforts by:

  • Communicating ahead of time when Facebook Live events are planned.
  • Encouraging members to share these posts with their own networks.
  • For posts from the church, including a link to your online giving page to remind your members to give if they are moved to do so.

Singing Through the Storm

Paul and Silas sang at midnight in a jail (Acts 16). That story is a reminder that believers can and should lift our voices in praise in all circumstances. It doesn’t just comfort us. Our joy in the storm is a key element of effective evangelism.

How is your church keeping the music alive during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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