By Gina Calvert

We’re Better at Changing Than We Think

Which of these could you live without: Amazon, Google, Apple, or Microsoft?

It’s hard to imagine your life without most of them, isn’t it? Each has brought so many exciting and generally positive changes to our lives. The way we can now shop, pay bills, communicate with our kids — and the world — do our jobs, entertain ourselves and even study our Bibles has reshaped our lives to something unimaginable just a few decades ago!

The Annual Season of “Change”

As you approach the new year, you’re probably thinking about some changes you plan to begin on January 1st … whether it’s your diet, exercise habits, or dozens of other routines that need improvement.

You’re motivated to change because of the pain some issues are causing in your life, by dreams of something better, or perhaps by a track record of successful changes you’ve made in the past. Remember how voluntary change required you to keep your eye on the outcome and believe in its worthiness? Remember the sense of accomplishment and pride you felt, and the ongoing benefits you enjoyed?

We’re all constantly making resolutions to change, but whether we actually follow through boils down to how we answer this question: Is the pain of the change worth the benefit of the change?

This is the million-dollar question with church giving platforms.

“But We’ve Already Changed!”

If you already have online giving, you’re familiar with the pain of change. Moving to a new system, educating your givers, training staff… It’s not something you’re anxious to do again anytime soon.

Especially if the benefit didn’t materialize. You took the leap, but has generosity increased? Does gift processing still take up a disproportionate amount of your staff’s time and sanity? Has the pandemic made that monthly contract fee unsustainable? Do your various systems play nice with each other?

Bottom line: A change that doesn’t solve your problems isn’t a solution.

Easing the Pain of Change

We know the challenges churches expect to find when they switch systems, so we’ve renovated the process of switching to a comprehensive giving solution to make it as painless as possible. You always know what to expect. You’re never on your own. And our team becomes a friendly extension of yours, both during implementation and afterward, with our Customer Success team and Managed Services. In fact, our customers tell us the change is never as hard as they feared!

We’ve also addressed the hidden challenges of change in our new resource, Giving Growing Pains.

It’s one Executive Pastor’s story of exploring and facing the changes needed to improve his church’s financial picture, including the surprising discovery that his existing system was a key part of the problem.